What is Crash Inu all about?

Crash Inu, the next big sensation in the crypto universe! Inspired by the beloved character from the Crash games. Crash Inu is a relatively new meme token that has gained popularity among crypto enthusiasts and fans of the video games. Crash Inu is built on the Binance Smart Chain, which enables fast and low-cost transactions. The Crash Inu token provides 3% reflection which means more profit in addition our huge marketing campaigns will help the chart to reach the moon.


NFT Store


Tokenomics :

  • Total Supply : 420 Trillion
  • Burnt : 67%
  • Pinksale Presale & Liquidity : 33%

Each transaction has a 10% tax:

  • 7% Marketing and Development
  • 3% Native token reflection
  • Every transaction benefits all holders.
  • For smooth trading you have to set the slip to 12

CA: 0x0c2d105A552983203D01770996CeFC0b4de3B6EC


Total Supply

Crash Inu is a deflationary token with a max supply of 420 Trillion, which 138 Trillion goes to the public sale.


Buy & Sell

Crash Inu tokens can be purchased on PancakeSwap. Always ensure you are using the correct contract address to avoid scams.



We implement 7% fee for project marketing and development, to sustain and expand our dynamic ecosystem.


BSC Integrated

Launch on BSC, which supports the most popular programming languages, flexible tools, and comes with clear and canonical documentation.

Our Roadmap to The MOON

Our purpose is to bring value to our community and make Crash Inu a household name in the crypto space. It outlines our vision and the key milestones we aim to achieve in our journey. From the initial stages of development to the full-fledged expansion of our ecosystem, each step of the roadmap has been carefully curated to ensure a steady and strategic progression.

Phase 01

  • Project Development
  • Website Building
  • Whitepaper
  • Community Building
  • Initiate Marketing
  • Pinksale Presale
  • PancakeSwap Launch
  • + 1.000 Holders

Phase 02

  • Hosting AMAs
  • DexTools & Ave AI
  • Listing on CMC/CGK
  • KYC & Audit
  • Creating Partnerships
  • Marketing campaigns
  • CEX Listing
  • + 5,000 Holders.

Phase 03

  • Launch NFT Marketplace
  • Ambassadors Campaign
  • Launching Crash Inu NFTs
  • Audit by Certik
  • More Partnership
  • Play to Earn Game BETA
  • Listing on Top 10 CEX
  • + 10.000 Holders

Phase 04

  • Crash Inu Dashboard
  • Expanding the Project
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Launch Crash Inu DAPP
  • Listing on More CEX
  • Launch Crash Inu Wallet
  • Full App Launch
  • + 20.000 Holders

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